Basically, shared hosting is a physical server whose resources are shared by numerous users. In addition, several places sell unlimited resources to each user, but there is a limit to the resources available as well, and the use of those resources is first come and first serve. Therefore, looking at the cost, shared hosting is inexpensive than VPS. Lots of users cover expenditures on each machine, so it becomes a cheaper choice. Just imagine buying a property that belongs only to you versus buying a house with 100 other people.

Benefits of Shared Hosting Plans: There are plenty of advantages of shared hosting plans. Some of the key advantages are the following:

  • The biggest benefit of the shared web hosting is very inexpensive. You can take shared hosting services with only 5 to 10$. In addition, you can get enough space in the shared hosting because of the competition of lots of web hosting services or shared hosting services Remember, you can have the space of up to 40 GB in the shared hosting.
  • Another most vital thing about web hosting is the space and bandwidth provided by the hosting company. The bandwidth helps you to run your business successfully. Besides, Shared web hosting gives you enough space and bandwidth and you can add a lot of resources in your website with more space.
  • You don’t need to posses any particular knowledge in server administration and website as the hosting company takes care of the administration tasks. In addition, you will be provided with cPanel and other applications that are mainly designed to make the management of the website easier.
  • The administration and maintenance of the server are looked out by the hosting company, which means that you don’t need to worry about the technical issues of the server.
  • Even though many websites share the same resources, but most of the shared hosting plans gives 24/7 supervision, maintenance as well as technical support that provides you uptime reliability comparable to dedicated plans.
  • You get many email accounts at your own domain and the option to have over one database. Beside, you get MySQL and PHP support.

These above listed are some of the benefits of shared web hosting. Remember, there are some disadvantages too, but it depends on your business needs. So, if it meets all your business requirements then shared web hosting is the best server for your websites.