Here are the top 5 benefits of Responsive Web Design (RWD):

1. Google Demands
Without doubt, Google is the most effective as well as a useful search engine terms of customer and user preference and it holds the no. 1 position. As the effectiveness of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that you have implemented depends greatly on your search engine, and there is no point in going against the desire of the search engine itself. Google is always clearly saying that the configuration that they recommend should mandatory be that of a responsive design, thus don’t hesitate and make your business site a responsive one as per Google advices.

2. Increase Conversion Rates And Business Sales
The user has an improved website experience is the other great benefits if RWD as there is no need for redirection, use of CSS (standardized Style Sheets) across devices and also unified design approach will create a consistent look and feel. Remember, consistent user experience will have a huge positive impact on your conversion rates because people are familiar with the site, its navigation or systematic use across devices.

3. Save Both Time And Cost On Mobile Development
It takes time than making an additional stand-alone mobile site. Testing across many websites increases your development, support as well as maintenance overhead as well. As the styles are re-used and optimized by device, standardized testing methodologies can be used too.

4. Excellent  User Experience
If your business site  don’t receives a good amount of traffic with revenue,  you can boost in traffic  and revenue once you opt for a responsive web design. Your website pages and  blog posts will all see a rise in organic search traffic. If customers are happy with your site, as a result  more sales and revenue.

5. SEO Advantages
There are many SEO benefits with responsive web design. Rather than having to build links and traffic to several sites, RWD allows you to concentrate all your SEO efforts on one site meaning all link juice goes to the same place. RWD can also increase sales, boost customer engagement, generate more traffic as well as provide you an edge over your competitors. Apart from this, RWD also helps you save money and time, which you can spend in making your business advertisement or other core activities. RWD also-carries SEO benefits against traditional mobile websites too.

An Annual Report
Every company or organization has to  send An Annual Report to its stakeholders, investors and trustee sin order to  familiarize them with its objectives, mission, projects, etc. People usually are more likely to invest in a company financially when they are given concrete evidences of their investments being used greatly. You can hire an annual report design services company to make An Annual Report. The service company will analyse your financial statements and converges it with your progression plus multiplying the capacity of your annual finance and production reports. Keep in mind that the summary of the developments of a company and its budgeting analysis is the most essential part of your annual report.