Discover a reliable and trusted Internet hosting working company is something like choosing a brand new Luxury car. So, if you want the website performs well despite the heavy traffic, then you need the best hosting solution. You need to consider the following features to identify the best web hosting service provider before stepping into the process of web hosting.

Disk Space
Also referred to free space and is provided by a web hosting service company to store the own documents, files and other attachments such as text, videos, images, audio’s and more which is related to the hosted websites. Apart from this, the disk Space need will vary depends upon the site according the business the people make up one’s mind.

webhostingEmail Support
Surely, every site hosting service must provide email services to their customers. The service company will provide email account for customer’s domain name that will look like But, ensure that they have a web mail interface in order to customize your email account using your own web browser. Apart from this, check the number of email accounts the web host tends to give to your business along with email marketing service, but in rare condition.

Website owners cannot expect 100% uptime from any site hosting service because of some situations are out of their control. So, this can be measured by an availability of a server all time, network monitoring, backup power supply, etc. Understanding the complete process of uptime is really  very hard. So, it s advised to confirm that the web hosts have mentioned this feature in their site or even in their policy papers.

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Domain Support
A lot of  the host will let the site owners to host more than one domain in the name of a single account. However, managing a different website on various web host is a hassle process. A few  service provider will have limits on the number of domains you can have on their account, but some will have option their admin panel to add to add the desired domain names to their account.

Data Transfer Rate (DTR)
The amount of data transfer to and from the site  refers to the Data transfer rate, which is also known as Bandwidth. Technically, it can be defined as the amount of data that your site  host lets you and your visitors to access the website or page.