So, nine branding impression of branding is very complicated subject and I am here talk about the nine designing element that you need to build your personal brands. Brand design is a lot more than from LOGO, but logo is very important and it very necessary that everybody need Logo. So, you design of logo that’s great but you have more work today on it. Brand design element we talk today a part of ecosystem. Your brand ecosystem is you brand visual aspect of your brand show off in lot of places and I called these places a brand touch points. These Places like a website, email, print, broadcast, eCommerce, social media, video and digital marketing there are many places of your brand can show off. And you want a make sure that brands shows up very consistent all of these brands touch points.

Now we come and let talk about what is the 9 elements of a brand ecosystem?

  1. Logo: First of all we have talk about logo, which need to be create very simple and it should probably have want have few colors in it. Many of famous brand logo considers only three colors, so keep logo very simple and easy to identify. For best logo selection for your business, you can hire logo design services Riyadh.
  2. Fonts: You want only two fonts for choose your brand. Generally, a main font which describe the brand curiosity in your brand logo and secondary font used very personally, because fonts tell the story of you business, choose it very carefully. Because it’s going to be a associated your brand in very consistent way.
  3. Color Palette: Color has an incredible physiological palette; colors mean things. So you want to develop a color palette for you brand. Lots of brand’s color palette may have 3 to 4 and may be 5 colors in them. So you want to develop color palette which speaks about physiology and strategy behind what it is you do and what you offer. Also, this color speaks to your consumers to your customers. You know want to think about the color just that you personally like what is the color of your customer is respond to you yet.
  4. Pattern or Texture: Lots of people forget about pattern and texture, this is a key of designer they can be elaborates to able to recognize you and your brand once people will come across you. This is very recognizing booked Texture and pattern they used constant effects tell people recognize your brand.
  5. Photography or Animation: Think about of developing or choosing of photography style.